Thursday October 19 , 2017

Water & Sewer


Alliance Excavating has a strong reputation in the city of Emonton and its surrounding communities. We have successfully completed hundreds of water and sewer projects for a variety of customers with a variety of expectations. Our experience and history has made us experts in commercial, industrial, and residential site servicing.

The following are just a few of our core underground competencies:

  • Commercial, residential, and industrial servicing;
  • Infrastructure upgrading;
  • Site designs and budget management;
  • Lift stations;
  • Tank installation;
  • Repairs and maintenance;
  • Hot taps;
  • Auguring, pushes, and directional drilling;
  • Control structures;
  • Inlets and outfall structures;
  • Oil and water separators;
  • Project management and site consultations;
  • Time and material services.