Thursday October 19 , 2017


We work closely with our suppliers, employees, customers, and community to ensure that our practices are safe and environmentally friendly. We have developed a series of safety procedures that we follow strictly on every site and project. In addition to developing and following our own safety policies, we have retained membership in many government and third-party safety programs.

Safety Certifications:

  • C.O.R. Certification;
  • Instructor Certifications such as WHIMIS, Flag, and TDG;
  • We adhere to OH & S’s regulations and often go above and beyond what is expected of our company.

Alliance Excavating's employees are also trained by qualified third-party safety organizations in the following: trenching and excavation, H2S, confined space, flag person, and First Aid.

Alliance Excavating has recently welcomed Angela Massey as our new Safety Administrator. Angela is NCSO certified, personable, and incredibly knowledgeable in the area of construction and safety. In addition to her safety experience, Angela has over seven years of field experience, making her well-equipped to handle all of our safety needs. She has successfully organized Alliance Excavating’s safety manual and programs, and she is working closely with our employees, new hires, and contractors to help identify and prevent potential hazards.