Thursday October 19 , 2017

Utilities Services & Maintenance

Alliance Excavating Ltd. provides incomparable maintenance and repairs. Our trained and experienced field maintenance personnel are available and on-call with the right tools and know-how to assess and repair most underground servicing issues.

Some of our services and maintenance expertise include:

  • Fire hydrant maintenance, repairs, and certifications;
  • Catch basin and manhole cleaning, grouting, excavating, and repairs;
  • Frame and cover repairs, re-grades, and replacements;
  • Water line pressure checks, re-chlorination, certifications, and biological sampling;
  • Water line leak repairs and assessments;
  • Storm and sewer line CCTV, flushing, and excavating to repair cracks, blockages and sags;
  • Hydro-vac services;
  • Repair, service, and maintenance of oil and water separators and storm management systems;
  • Repair and maintenance of culverts and storm inlets and outlets;
  • Storm, sewer and water line removals, abandonments and re-locations;
  • Valve maintenance, exercises, and repairs.